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The Decade of
Electromobility at Voltia

Celebrating the decade of success.

Time moves fast. It is now ten years since we went on a courageous journey to become one of the largest players in e-mobility in the EU. Over these years Voltia has grown into an international company with a decade of vast experience in this disrupting and interesting category. Our main goal was always to accelerate the transition to zero-emissions vehicles, bringing sustainable mobility and cleaner air to cities around the world with products that make sense from both an economic and environmental perspective. We would like to show you some milestones on our journey.

Start of the Voltia project.
Focusing on the ecosystem of services from the beginning.
We've been fortunate to work with the best partners who believed in our vision.
First battery swap station and prototype.
We succesfully developer our first 3.5t electric prototype with swappable battery and station for swapping batteries.
Our first vehicles were tested in commercial operation.

They were deployed in a day-to-day activities of operating a last-mile delivery business.

2048,6 km in 24 hours driving electric van

One of the really interesting milestones was passing the (unofficial) world record. Our test drivers drove with electric van for 24 hours and travelled 2048,6 km.

2014 - 2017
First international clients

The Voltia team focused on delivering our products to first international clients.

New investor & partner

An important investor and partner, Neulogy, is joining our company. At the same time, our team is starting work on the next Voltia model, which has the potential to bring further added value to our clients across Europe.

Development of new model of
electric van

Our technical team worked on new model of electric van based on Nissan e-NV200 platform, effectively doubling the cargo space of the original vehice.

Voltia products and services are already used by companies in 11 countries across Europe

We worked hard to reach this important milestone in Voltia's history. The fact that it was possible to gain interest of big companies with our products and receive positive feedback really reinforced in us how important is electromobility now and will be in the future.

🚀 500 Vans in operation
500 Voltia Vans driving around Europe

At this point there are more than 500 Voltia electric vans driving in Europe, delivering goods, saving money to business operators, and contributing to cleaner air cities.

Voltia enters cooling segment

We tried to explore interesting subcategory of vans and succeeded! Thanks to our electric cooling van, the companies will be soon able to utilise another great use-case scenario.

Challenging diesel price levels for the first time

Combining two of our products - effective electric Voltia van and tailored leasing package we are able for the first time challenge the price for the total cost of ownership compared to traditional diesel vans.

🚀 1000 Vans in operation
Voltia Automotive division reaching milestone of 1000 Voltia Vans deployed in Europe

We worked really hard to deliver exceptional value to our business partners. At this point, Voltia is expanding the portfolio of services that cover all needs in electromobility for companies in a growing last-mile delivery category, such as deployment planning or it's own leasing product, specially tailored for electric vans.

Introducing 5 new models of Voltia XL electric vans.

After months of preparation, we introduced our newest addition to our fleet. The new models of Voltia vans based on the trusted Stellantis platform. With their unrivaled technical specification they are the most effective electric vans for last-mile delivery.

Our first campaign for the new model is out!
Voltia Three Pillars of Electromobility

The answer to increasing demands of the market is a comprehensive package of electromobility products. With a decade of experience, we are now the number one electrification expert in Europe. Customers across various industries are taking advantage of our own in-house solutions that helps them with transitioning of their fleet from combustion to electric simpler, easier, cheaper and better.

The Decade of Electromobility

After all these years, we went through a lot and now have a substantial experience under our belt. As a start of another decade is coming closer we cannot wait to show you all the amazing things that we're working on bringing to market for our customers. Stay tuned!

With the most effective electric vans for urban deliveries, best leasing for electric eLCV’s, and the complete package of the switch to electric services, we now successfully compete with diesel vans, empowering companies to operate last-mile delivery that runs entirely on electric energy while spending less money on maintenance, fuel costs, and congestion charges.

During our journey, we have been lucky to experience many satisfying moments and work with a lot of talented people and truly amazing clients. From the bottom of our hearts - thank you to everyone who has contributed to our success so far.

Here’s to the next decade!